Mir's Journal


28 December 1984
Buffalo, New York, United States
DG Comix
Our Lady of Black Rock - Buffalo NY
Emerson Vocational High School - Buffalo NY (1998 - 2002)
Erie Community College - City Campus - Buffalo NY (2002 - 2003)
Interests: (136)
14, 42, animation, anime, anti-fangirl, anti-yaoi, astronomy, astrophysics, aya hirano, baileys irish cream, bats, books, buffalo, buffalo sabres, buffalo state college, camping, canada, carnelian, cartoons, cats, caturday, caves, celtic knots, coffee, college, comedy, comic books, comics, computer games, crystals, desert, diamonds, dirt, douglas adams, drawing, drinking, earth, earth element, earth science, eurypterids, evolution, fantasy, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, final fantasy xii, fossils, futurama, galaxies, gay rights, gemstones, geology, gilgamesh, goddesses, grad school, graphic novels, green, harry potter, haruhi suzumiya, hawaii, hawaiian, herkimer diamonds, hikaru utada, hiking, hockey, hypercubes, hyperspace, icewine, japanese, kyon, languages, lava, lethargy, lilith, loihi, lols, m.c. escher, manga, mineralogy, minerals, mudkips, multiverse, mythology, name meanings, natural disasters, new york, niagara falls, nintendo ds, nonfiction, olivine, online comics, optical illusions, orange chocolate, osamu tezuka, paleontology, pele, peridot, petrology, physics, pineapple, pink, pixel art, plumeria, pokemon, pop, pro-choice, raichu, ranting, reading, rocks, rpgs, science, science fiction, second life, shopping, sleeping, snow, socks, sonic adventure 2, sonic the hedgehog, spam, spam musubi, sponge candy, sushi, tesseracts, tim hortons, tonberries, touhou, traveling, turtles, video games, volcanoes, web graphics, western new york, wikipedia, winter, writing
You all should know me by now.

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